Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Wave Coffee is Burning Down the House


I'm gonna keep this short, because, seriously this place speaks for itself. And, well you need to GO. New Wave Coffee has been open for about two months and hot damn! Who's excited? I am! And you will be after you hit this place up. Things they have that you will like:

1. Lots of seating
2. Good music
3. Super Mario Brothers - and yes, you can sit there and beat the whole game if you wish. I don't think they'll kick you out of the joint.
4. Very friendly staff

And - most importantly, drum roll please...........

5. They have EXCELLENT coffee. They serve Metropolis at New Wave, and lemme tell ya, they brew it properly so you can kiss that burnt espresso taste Buh-bye!

What are you doing still reading?!? Go! Go! Go!

New Wave (3103 W Logan / 2557 N Milwaukee | Logan Square, Chicago | 773-489-0646)

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