Friday, October 31, 2008

Baladoche (or My Europeanisms are Better than Yours)

So...Fancy and I had a Lakeview day on Sunday. Every once in a while we venture over to this side of town to enjoy things that are oh so Lakeview. This weeks trip included stops at vintage stores (thank you Greek Fisherman's cap for finding your way into my life), lingerie shopping (Fancy R's favorite), Akira on Diversey (who knew!), Ulta, a movie poster gazing moment at the Landmark (ahem, I will go see Madonnas new flick) and then a trip to Baladoche. I should say that I have been to Baladoche once before and had a wonderful experience. However, that was the first time. Things you should know about Baladoche:
- everything is imported directly from Europe
- there is a window that looks out onto the side walk where they hand you free samples

Now the first time I went the woman behind the counter was quite kind, patient and helpful. She made me feel like I could try a bunch of stuff and enforced that it was all well made products, but never made me feel the way I felt this second time. This time, I literally almost poured my cafe au lait on the guys head. I think he is one of the owners. He was 100% over bearing and completely rude. There is a rather large part of me that wants to give him my therapists number and say: Here. I am doing you the biggest favor of your life, because if you continue down this road your business will fail. Example: I wanted to buy some Danish butter/ honey busicuts for a friend of mine that is half Dutch. Conversation goes much like this....

Fancy S (that's me): Hi, may I have a packet of those buscuits?
Worker: Sure.
Dude that I can't stand (DTICS): Oh, coming in for the butter buscuits aren't we? They are so great have you had them before?
Fancy S: Yes I have. They are great!
DTICS: Oh, really....where have you had them before?
(strange that he is inquisitive about this, but ok....)
Fancy S: Um, I got some in Ohio after a friend of mine recommended them...
DTICS: No, like where did you get them. Do you eat them a lot?
Fancy R: We have some at our house...she said she got them in Ohio.
DTICS: Right, but where in Ohio...
Fancy S: At Jungle Jims - it's this large international market place, it's great! They have everything from all over the world.
DTICS: (offended) Well do they know someone that actually lives in Denmark? Because we get ours flown in every week fresh...
Fancy S: I don't know. Can I have my waffle now?
DTICS: Um, sure. So, you should try some of this chocalate. It's handcrafted for the Dutch Royal Family and we get it flown in fresh every week...blah blah blah...
(he prattles on for minutes about how wonderful the store is, throws a few phrases out in French, Italian and German. I am 100% not impressed.)
I hand him my credit card to pay and...
DTICS: Oh....what nationality is this last name? Polish?
Fancy S: No.
DTICS: Ok, what is it?
(pause. I am very annoyed and don't want to play this came any more)
Fancy S: German. My last name is German.
DTICS: (says something in German. I don't respond) Where in Germany does this name come from?
Fancy S: I don't know. Somewhere in the Alsace Region. (turn to Fancy R) Let's go sit down. (turn back to DTICS) Can you bring us our coffee when it's ready, please?
DTICS: Oh sure no problem. It might take a while since we hand extract the espresso.
(we are already walking away)

Ugh. I mean jeez Louise. This place might have good (OVERPRICED) waffles, but I will run the other way if I see him in there again.


Checka said...

You forgot the part where he insisted we eat those little chocolate squares that come with your espresso immediately. "Don't leave the store with them now. Fresh in from Switzerland."

Don't boss me, DTICS.

Also, I got some sah-wEEt sea foam green sunglasses at the vintage store. I should post a pic. Photo op!

Fancy - S said...

Yay! One sweet shot of sea foam green sunglasses coming up!

Checka said...
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