Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Don't Mention It (Unmentionables)

Hello my Darlings,

There is something you should know about me. I adore underthings. Get used to it. I imagine I'll blog about variants of these types of garments often. Also, menswear but that's another day.


Life Has Just Begun

In case the above link expires or you simply cannot be bothered with links I will tell you what serious gift lies behind the click....Agent Provocateur is opening a store in my Chicagoland Area. More specifically, on Oak Street in the Gold Coast.

Switch it up with a memory!
Picture it. It's 2004. I have just moved to Chicago. A friend wants to venture to Urban Outfitters and the only location at that time in Chicago was in the Gold Coast. On Rush Street. That fall day in 2004 I thought firmly to myself, "This is the first and last time I'll need to be down in this part of town."
In the daylight, Gold Coast is so very sweet. A little uppity and a lot tacky but if you've got the cash and no hobbies to put it into then you live and work and love in Gold Coast. These people care a LOT about valet parking, leashes for their children, and expensive jogging suits for going to the market. It's fine. Really, it's fine. I don't particularly enjoy being there but it is charming with it's non-jogging joggers and S&M toddlers.
In the evening, they refer to it as Viagra Triangle and that's all I will say about that.

Flash it back a little more!
It's somewhere between 1999 and 2001 and I'm living and going to school in Athens, Ohio. I discover Agent Provocateur thanks to two things; a trusty google search engine and my extreme displeasure at the lack of underthings available in Athens. No one famous was modeling for them at the time but they certainly had a way with words (and whips!). Sign me up! There were no stores in the U.S. so it became a distant, comfortable dream. These items were not only out of my barista budget but I felt like these were special. I needed to earn them. These creations should be reserved for a more dauntless, sophisticated but deliciously exciting woman. I vowed to keep close tabs on this line.

And now!

Why....why why why why are they putting something I love in Gold Coast? I will have to go there. I will have to. But only at high noon before the Viagra has kicked in.

I am so excited for us, Chicago. I am just beside myself. Someone, pinch me!


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