Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here we go again on our own...

Hello Kittens. It's the new year and that means ... lists. Write 'em down, stack 'em up, look at 'em in three months and see how far you have come! Here is my fancy list for the new year...

List One - The Importance of Being Fancy (or, why being a better human is more important than your foot ware, dare I say...)

I, Fancy S, vow to undertake the following fancy actions at least once a week:
- smile at a stranger. And not in a creepy way, but a nice, Hey how are you, happy you're alive and breathing, kind of way.
- learn one new grammatical rule (trust me you will all thank me for this one).
- try something I have never done before. This one doesn't have to be big - it could be dipping your fries into honey (which I recommend if you haven't tried it), finding a new band, trying a new food, etc.
- discover one new fact about a friend or family member. My friend, Fancy M, helps with this one as she emails questions to a group of us! Thanks M!
- give up my seat on the train and/or bus to someone who looks more tired than myself.
- cook a nice meal because I can - and do it cheaply!
- finish at least one full article in the Economist

This is just a partial list - however, I would love to get your comments on what you think is a fancy action and also what you have done this week that is FANCY!

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